Audrey Troutt

Energetic mobile and web developer. Creative type. Organizer of things.


As a mobile and backend developer with over nine years' experience these are the things that matter to me:

  • I enjoy mentoring developers and managing projects. My teams and projects are organized and transparent. I get things done.
  • I value clean code, automation, and lean, iterative processes.
  • I love to tackle the most difficult technical and product puzzles. I excel at delivering functionality quickly while balancing the quality and maintainability of the code.
  • I seek out opportunities to foster growth and positive change in myself, my projects, my teams and my organizations.
  • My passion extends outside of my job to my work in the community as an active member of the local tech scene as an organizer and teacher.


I am available to speak at user groups and conferences. Some of my past topics include Android metaprogramming, TDD, automated UI testing for mobile, building effective android apps, and teaching kids to code with Raspberry Pi. Things I'm eager to talk more about include mobile development, automated testing, NFC, Android Wear, and SDK development.

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